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Margaret Street Gallery

Toowoomba Art Gallery

Celebrating the vibrant talent of professional & emerging artists in Toowoomba & the Darling Downs

172 Margaret Street
Toowoomba, 4350 QLD

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Toowoomba Artists

Welcome to Margaret Street Gallery, your premier Toowoomba Art Gallery for celebrating the vibrant talent of professional and emerging artists in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. Nestled in the heart of the CBD at 172 Margaret Street, our gallery serves as a dedicated space to showcase the diverse and compelling works of emerging and established artists in our region.

Monthly Events

Join us each month at Margaret Street Gallery for a celebration of art, tailored for art lovers and to support artists on their creative journey. From elegant High Tea’s to engaging Artists in Conversations. You can view our upcoming events via the link below.

Join the Gallery as an Artist

Are you a local artist interested in joining our gallery to showcase your amazing work? There are two ways you can join the gallery, as a permanent artists or as a guest artist. Learn more and apply via the button below. 

Commissions | Custom Art

Our commission services are tailored to bring your artistic visions to life by matching you with one of our talented artists. From personalised portraits and home decor to corporate installations and special occasion gifts. 

Our Artists

Guest Artist | June

Luke O’Donnell

Luke Dominic O’Donnell is an innovative artist dedicated to transforming unwanted and difficult-to-recycle plastic into captivating works of art. His creative journey began with a commitment to sustainability and an eye for beauty in the discarded.

O’Donnell’s art ranges from intricate wall sculptures to vibrant recycled plastic paintings, each piece a testament to his belief that even the most overlooked materials can be reborn as stunning visual expressions. His art also explores urban and rural environments where man’s hand has created something beautiful yet unnatural.

Luke’s artwork is held in several private collections in Germany, New Zealand and Australia.

Guest Artist | April

Robyn Gray

Robyn Gray is an acrylic artist her style could be described as romantic/impressionism. Her inspiration comes from nature, and everyday scenes of life, striving to convey the way the light picks up ordinary objects and turns them into extraordinary moments of joy and magic to treasure.

She participates in all the local exhibitions, winning an encouragement award at Facets of Fairholme in 2018. 10% of profit from each sale Robyn makes is donated to Shake It Up Australia (Parkinson’s disease research) in memory of her late mother who was diagnosed with PD at 57.