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Margaret Street Gallery

Toowoomba Art Gallery

Celebrating the vibrant talent of professional & emerging artists in Toowoomba & the Darling Downs

172 Margaret Street
Toowoomba, 4350 QLD



Toowoomba Artists

Welcome to Margaret Street Gallery, your premier Toowoomba Art Gallery for celebrating the vibrant talent of professional and emerging artists in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs. Nestled in the heart of the CBD at 172 Margaret Street, our gallery serves as a dedicated space to showcase the diverse and compelling works of emerging and established artists in our region.

Our Artists

Guest Artist | July

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker is an emerging Toowoomba artist who aims to connect with people through the deep, colourful, and quirky paintings she creates.

“Creativity has been in my veins since existence. From learning colour names in my first words, to drawing sessions during my bio dad’s leukaemia treatments, to using art to cope with trauma in my teen years and beyond, it’s part of who I am” ~Sarah Walker

Sarah has always been attracted to the still life genre for its ability to capture celebratory moments in time with perishable items of fruit, flowers, food items, and other objects that show the moment of beauty, with things that will decay. This sums up the overarching experience of life, finding times of joy, through the trauma, and the fleeting years you have.


Guest Artist | June

Luke O’Donnell

Luke Dominic O’Donnell is an innovative artist dedicated to transforming unwanted and difficult-to-recycle plastic into captivating works of art. His creative journey began with a commitment to sustainability and an eye for beauty in the discarded.

O’Donnell’s art ranges from intricate wall sculptures to vibrant recycled plastic paintings, each piece a testament to his belief that even the most overlooked materials can be reborn as stunning visual expressions. His art also explores urban and rural environments where man’s hand has created something beautiful yet unnatural.

Luke’s artwork is held in several private collections in Germany, New Zealand and Australia.