Jeanne Cotter

Soft pastels are Jeanne’s love; with them she can re-create and interpret the delight of the colours and sights that surround her. Jeanne is especially drawn to painting the intricacies of our Australian native flowers and vast landscapes. She loves the immediacy of pastels and the depth of colour, texture and tone that she can achieve with these delicious sticks of pure pigment on paper.

Artist Statement
I am an Australian artist, born and raised in Canberra and moved to Queensland when I was 25. My career path has always revolved around art, including window dressing, sign writing and graphic design. In 2010 I discovered the joy of soft pastels and my true journey with art began.

I’ve lived on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane and in 2021 my husband and I returned to Toowoomba where my babies were born in the early 1990s. I’ve come full circle. I am now a full-time artist and art tutor working in my beautiful home studio.

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