Roslyn Hartwig

A journey to becoming an artist of excellence can be an eclectic, rather spontaneous one. On a selfguided learning program, Roslyn Hartwig attended workshops with national and international tutors across a variety of mediums before honing in on her passion for watercolours. For 20 years, her arts journey has included sketching from life as well as studio painting, all the while exhibiting in Australia and, more recently, overseas.

Solo exhibitions include ‘Water, People & Flowers’ in 2005; ’19 days; 19 Paintings’ of location paintings in the Greek Islands, 2010 and “The Rock and the River” in 2015, a body of artwork depicting flowing water and mountains, which came from a deeper, emotional connection of peace. ‘Art as a lifelong journey’ was displayed in 2020, exploring a new direction of artwork.

As she contemplates the future, Roslyn desires to continue with the theme of finding a ‘place of peace’ within the hectic pace of today’s life. Moving from painting what she can physically see in front of her to also finding inspiration from within her spirit, has resulted in watercolours intuitively painted from her imagination.

Between 2007 and 2023, Roslyn was employed in an arts industry business which includes retail of art supplies and workshops, custom picture framing and a fine art gallery. Her love of art has extended to her sharing her knowledge of the technical components of numerous watercolour subjects through teaching courses and workshops. Where her passion for art will take her, only God knows! But it will continue to be a journey of discovery, joy, wonder and adventure. Who would want anything else? Certainly not Roslyn!

Artist Statement

I am on a quest for excellence, not perfection.

I seek to depict the energy I see and feel around me. The textures and movement of natural or urban environments excite me.

While watching river water running over rock, I enter into the moment, allowing the coolness to caress my face, tasting the moist air through my mouth and nose. Tension and stress departs; a sense of ease and peace envelopes my whole being. So when back in my studio, the memory of those experiences combines with my joy of painting and I release my spirit to play and experiment – to have an adventure – with the paint.

I aspire to draw out the essence of a subject, interpreting it, using my intuition, imagination and memory to colour the way I perceive reality. The process involves painting section by section, ‘Alla prima’; until the paper is entirely covered. Adjustments are made; problems are resolved; components are adapted until all areas are unified, and the painting is intuitively reading ‘right’. The exact moment to step away makes itself known.

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