Angela Hart & Kerry Chant

Angela Hart

Angela Hart’s journey as an artist is inspiring. Growing up in Nobby on the Darling Downs, she cultivated her artistic skills from a young age.

Despite focusing on raising her family, her passion for art never waned. Returning to her artistic pursuits later in life, she dedicated herself to learning and improving, attending workshops, studying renowned artists, and obtaining a Cert 3 in Visual Art.

Now, with the freedom to pursue her creativity on a daily basis, Angela actively participates in art exhibitions and competitions, showcasing her talent and passion to the world.

Artist Statement
Delving into the anatomy of beings and the structures of landscapes inspires my unique artistic vision. My love for vibrant colour and the interplay of value and tone drives my creative process. I love to embrace the act of painting, including the inevitable mistakes which reflects my resilience and dedication to honing my craft.

Kerry Chant

Scribbling, doodling, sketching and playing with paints has been a creative process for most of Kerry’s life. She is a self taught artist, purchasing art books, magazines and practising techniques.

In the past four years Kerry has seen a creative surge in watercolours, acrylics and spray paint and is enjoying friendship in art with several like minded groups.

Artist Statement
I am a prolific painter of wildlife, landscapes, seascapes and abstracts, it brings joy to the soul. There is always paint under my fingernails and paint on every piece of clothing including PJs.

My passion for the lights and brights and dancing shadows is a journey through the world of creating art. I paint, losing a good portion of the day and I love it.

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