Cindy Macdonald

Cindy MacDonald is an accomplished and versatile visual artist whose work captivates audiences with its vibrant colours, intricate details, and profound emotional depth. Born in Sydney, and having spent her life split equally between UK and Australia, Cindy considers Toowoomba her home. Cindy’s artistic journey began at a young age, fuelled by an innate passion for self-expression and a deep connection to the world around her. Her love of nature, in particular Australian Fauna harken back to her idyllic childhood in Toowoomba surrounding area. This love, in addition to her faith, continues to be a main source of inspiration to her.

Cindy’s artistic style is a fusion of contemporary and traditional influences. Her early appreciation of the Old Masters like Bouguereau, Sargent, Repin, and contemporary artists; Richard Schmid and Susan Lyons and Vladimir Volegov have greatly inspired her approach to art, instilling in her a love for experimentation and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of her creativity. Her commitment to authenticity and emotional resonance is evident in every brushstroke, as she seeks to evoke a visceral response from those who engage with her art.

Artist Statement

Throughout her career, Cindy has participated in numerous group exhibitions, earning recognition and praise for her distinctive approach to art.
Cindy is a founding and active member of The Toowoomba Studio Art Trail. She has participated in several fundraising exhibitions, donating paintings to raise funds for a variety of charities, including Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, Recovery Futures and Are You Bogged Mate. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Cindy is an active member of her local church, where some of her religious works of art are on display.
As Cindy MacDonald continues to evolve as an artist, her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries remains unwavering. Her work invites viewers to explore the intersection of imagination and reality, leaving a lasting impression that transcends the canvas. Through her art, Cindy MacDonald invites us to see the world through a lens of beauty, emotion, and endless possibility.

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