Karen Howard & Fiona Taylor

Karen Howard

Karen paints a very broad range of subjects. The choice is usually influenced by 3 main elements: colour, shape and light. She also prefers to paint subjects that she ‘knows’; beaches, dogs (a favourite), flowers – anything really! As long as there’s some interesting light and shadow, Karen will paint it.
Artist Statement

Soft pastel has been used by many artists over the centuries. George de la Tour (1593-1652), exclusively used pastel, whilst Impressionists such as Degas, Manet, Renoir and Gauguin, also used pastel. Whilst I admire the work of these artists, the artist that has inspired me the most was not a pastel painter. I love the work of the Australian artist, Clarice Beckett. I also really admire the work of ceramic artist Clarice Cliff. What’s with the name Clarice?!

My introduction to Soft Pastel began 15 years ago, when I fell in love with, and consequently bought, a pastel painting displayed in the art section at my local agricultural show. From that time on I have always used pastel for my work.
Last year I had my first exhibition, selling 16 of 27 paintings. Also in 2023, I received ‘Highly Commended’ awards at The Australian Pastel Exhibition, for two of my paintings.

One of the joys of art, for me, is that it’s a journey where the opportunity to learn is endless. I am enjoying the journey immensely.

Fiona Taylor

Living in the Lockyer Valley, Fiona is surrounded by an everchanging landscape of picturesque farming land and mountain ranges, however her inspiration to paint comes from the beautiful flowers she grows in her garden. As a sentimentalist, Fiona aims to create an atmosphere of nostalgia and longing in her paintings. From a treasured family teacup to a couple strolling in the park, she hopes to evoke a familiar notion or memory.
Artist Statement

Pastel has an allure that holds me spellbound!

My painting style is evolving however I’m influenced by the floral works of Stephanie Clark and Cressida Campbell’s spontaneous arrangements.

Painting with pastels has transformed the way I see the world around me, heightening the way I notice details of light and shadow. This immersive process calms my central nervous system, allowing me to park the ‘open tabs’ in my mind for a time while I take a deep dive and experience the joy of pastels.

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