Damian McAleer

Damian McAleer is a Toowoomba based artist working across a variety of medium including acrylic, oils, pen and charcoal often using unconventional tools to create the works. With a focus on colour to form shape, he often uses unusual colour combinations to evoke feelings in the viewer.

A transport theme often features in his works, however with the camera ever at the ready, he often photographs naturally occurring patterns or viewpoints to use as inspiration for later works. He paints quickly with feverish brush strokes in order to give the illusion of speed and movement. These brush strokes also allow the viewer to complete the picture in their mind.

Artist Statement

My studio practice is based predominantly around 2-dimensional painting and drawing, however, found object 3 dimensional sculptures using both organic and man-made materials have also originated from my studio.

Painting, using both oil/acrylic on canvas or board, are the mainstay of my practice, interwoven with other non-traditional mark making tools such as sump oil, boot polish, homemade inks, plasterer tools and kitchen utensils.

Since returning to a visual art practice approximately four years ago, I have been involved
in a number of group exhibitions and two solo shows (one during Covid as an open studio format, and a more recent one at Bag End Studio in Brisbane). I have exhibited at Toowoomba Grammar, Fairholme, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery and Foothills Exhibition.

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